Monthly Archives: February 2010

Sail away

Now you know it’s kind of difficult to be a sailor? You can sail for months without having sex… Captain Mermaid Rose is lucky – she’s a woman, and has a numerous crew of men willing to slay her pussy. So she does it whenever she wants, making the deck slippery of cum. But one day her unbelievable orgy ends up in an unusual way… Quite a nice porn comics, showing redhead captain and a muscled sailor giving it to her from behind. Her beautiful body looks so fucking good – oh, I love it! A superb comics, and I think this girl is the best character I’ve recently seen. Have a look – you’ll love this one, promise!
A superb 3d porn comics

Save the dragon!

Alright, now dragon rider returns, and this time she’s gonna do everything to save her old friend – the dragon. And I mean EVERYTHING 😉 She meets a beautiful dark elf, who has a secret potion that can save the dragon. The only ingredient needed is the rider’s pussy juice. Well, what are we waiting for?! Lets go get some juice out of our beautiful female! So the dark elf gets naked and starts doing her best for the rider to blow with cum! And she’s doing it with the same jug the magic potion is in! A wonderful 3d sex artwork, thanks a lot to the artist! Enjoy!
beautiful 3d female

Ugly girls do need a fuck, too

Ugh, man! Where did I get this stuff?? Don’t remember… Ok, I’ll show it to you. Though there’s nothing sexy in this 3d sex comics as for me, but it surely is interesting. A man comes across a forest lair where an ugly elf lives, her face looking like hell, her head bald. I wonder, HOW LONG could this guy hold himself from sex to get horny in front of that chick?! Anyway, as he said, “even ugly chicks need a fuck”. So on he goes, and slams her ass hard, fucking the hell out of her. Oh, by the way, his penis is so small – almost laughable! A rather rare option, for usually in such porn comics a man’s dick is long and thick. Well, if you’re not eating… Then have a look. I warned ya!
3d sex comics

Princess and the barbarian

Here’s Bonan, and look what he’s doing! Fucking Elfin princess… How could that happen, for he was paid well to save her and provide a secure transfer to the king’s castle?! The right answer is – she started!! A gorgeous elf wearing armor – that’s just fine to me 🙂 Especially if that kind of armor… Well… A rather open one 😉 Our Bonan knows that fucking a princess is a violation of the law, but she promises not to tell anybody. Ok, so let’s see, how it all goes! I liked that 3d porn, hope you’ll love it too.
3d porn