Monthly Archives: June 2010

Native problem

Yeah, I love when those babes dressed in black latex fight each other! Look out, one of them has got a gun!! But no – the second one manages to knock it out, and strikes her enemy in the head. Now the way is clear, and she can continue her expedition and get to an ancient skull, which contains magic powers! But wait! Who’s that little guy over there? Why, that’s a native of that place! The only way to get rid of him is to show what a REAL blowjob is! Yes, babe, suck it good! Never seen that 3d porn comics? You’d better hurry up 😉
3d animated sex

Another day at freehope

And another 3d porn from Epoch – a marvelous 3d artist, let’s all thank him for his work 🙂 Our Kendra wakes up in her room at Freehope, and she has a long day to pass… But first she must take a shower! Yes, she’s gonna wash her tender body in ugly, almost green and oily, but at least hot water. Naked toon girls is what Epoch does perfectly – you can naturally feel every flex of the gorgeous female bodies! And the textures add a perfect realism to the pictures, too. So enough talking – let’s al just admire another wonderful wok 😉
3d animated sex

Defending the weak

Oh, why does Kendra happen to be in some shit any time she walks past the warden or a guard? This time she sees Mead trying to fuck a little cuttie in the lockers room and hurries to rescue her. But she never thought she’s gonna be in her place! The mad guard throws her on the floor and rips her panties. Now he’s gonna nail her to the lockers and do her from behind with his giant hose as hard as he can, so that she wouldn’t dare to intrude into his business! As he finishes, he’s gonna grab her hands and fuck her mouth until his cum explode down her throat! Yeah, that’s the lesson for her – never screw up with Mead! (Liked that series VERY fucking much, choosing it my favorite for now 🙂 ).
3d animated sex