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The Dominion

A new startup is on your screen – I’ve picked the best 3d porn episode that should drive your attention. The two girls are exploring a strange place, which looks like some sort of a laboratory. The Dominions probably owned it for some time. Guns and girls – a very nice combination, especially in 3d sex episodes 😉 Meanwhile, a guy attends a psychiatrist to get rid of horrible expectations. Even a naked woman can’t carry him away, ‘cause he’s afraid even to close his eyes. Well, you’d better go and see all that by yourself – I’m outta here for some more stuff!
The Dominion

The porn story goes on and on

What I especially like in 3d porn comics (and I’ve mentioned it already) is that the episodes do not simply describe the sex the main characters have, but also show a very nice plot. Just like today’s episode does. Big-titted toon girls, a young boy jacking off in the shower, fantasizing about sexy women; pregnant chicks – all that is just a secondary line. What attracts me most is that unforgettable atmosphere that surrounds all the 3d porn series. Today’s episode is just a intermediate section, but you won’t understand the whole story without watching it. So, as always, watch and enjoy!
3d porn comics

The weird museum

Today’s post in my blog concerns 3d porn, but the gallery I want to bring to you doesn’t exactly contain the 3d sex elements. It is rather an interesting story. A young girl comes to the archeology museum to see her father, who’s working there, and meets a strange pregnant woman, who’s looking kinda weird. Something fishy is going on in this museum, you know. And you never know what happens next… As a fan of 3d porn comics, I highly recommend you to watch this exciting series – you’ll discover many interesting things concerning the plot. And I will search for some more.
3d sex