Monthly Archives: July 2011

Hooking up a sexy bitch

Today for some hard stuff. This girl is a natural hooker – the guy has paid for her time, and they’ve got two hours to do whatever the client wants. So without further ado they begin fucking, ‘cause in this case time is definitely money. It costed him two hundred bucks to get such a cuttie, but he won’t regret about the money. He will get much pleasure instead! A solid 3d fuck, a traditional one. When I chose it I knew it would really come in handy. So watch and come back for some more of this wonderful 3d stuff!
natural 3d hooker

Fucking inquisition

Today I’ve decided to have some middle-ages stuff on my 3d porn blog. So behold the toon girl that is sentenced to death! She has the last chance to confess to her sins before execution – that’s just what the local priest wants her to do. She makes the last attempt to escape and asks him to fuck her for the last time in her life. He resists, but her charms do their job, and soon he’s already sticking his bolt into her tight snatch. Here’s her chance – she hits him with a torch and quickly runs through the open door… You know, I really liked this one. Hope you’ll share my opinion after you watch it, too.
3d fucking inquisition

A troll fucks a forest fairy

Some fairies for you today on my blog. This 3d porn is representing an ugly little troll, who desired to fuck a gorgeous fairy, but was rejected by her. Angry with that, he used some magic to turn into a forest spirit and trick the inaccessible girl. Of course, she fell for it and gladly agreed to suck his hose and let him inside her wet pussy. This sex lasted for a very long time, but an unpleasant surprise was waiting for her in the end… Just a nice 3d sex scene, fantasy-style, with trolls and elfs and all that mystic stuff. Thought you would like it. Tell me I’m right 🙂