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Horny 3D Monsters and Tentacles

Snow White and the seven… trolls

I’m back, and I’m here with another shocking 3d porn episode, guys! Yes, that’s what I’ve been searching for a long time. Here’s a slightly changed story ‘bout Snow White. A girl with just so adorable face is going through a real quest – she must pass dozens of obstacles to reach her final goal – Snow White. But first she’ll have to satisfy a huge green troll, whose master is a white shining witch, who knows the path to the finish. So on the brave little girl goes, and jumps on the green monster’s abnormally big cock. My god – he nearly tore her apart with that! Unbelievable. I’m saying – an unbelievable porn episode just for you! Made me so hard couldn’t walk normally for half an hour 🙂
naked 3d Snow White

Ugly girls do need a fuck, too

Ugh, man! Where did I get this stuff?? Don’t remember… Ok, I’ll show it to you. Though there’s nothing sexy in this 3d sex comics as for me, but it surely is interesting. A man comes across a forest lair where an ugly elf lives, her face looking like hell, her head bald. I wonder, HOW LONG could this guy hold himself from sex to get horny in front of that chick?! Anyway, as he said, “even ugly chicks need a fuck”. So on he goes, and slams her ass hard, fucking the hell out of her. Oh, by the way, his penis is so small – almost laughable! A rather rare option, for usually in such porn comics a man’s dick is long and thick. Well, if you’re not eating… Then have a look. I warned ya!
3d sex comics

Dragon rider

Wow! Finally a good storyline! Honestly, I’ve never seen that 3d sex comics before. A marvelous female, so gorgeous that no man dares to have sex with her, has the only friend – a mighty dragon. Talking dragon, of course 🙂 Every month the villagers choose a beautiful toon virgin from them and sacrifice her to the dragon. But he is sick of such presents… However, his friend desires to seduce those girls and make them get rid of their virginity. So now he agrees to bring another virgin to her and have a watch at that hot play 🙂 Maybe he’ll even DO something to them when he gets horny… You know 😉 Ok, let’s watch together – can’t keep waiting.
3d sex comics

Somewhere in Brooklyn

Once again, a 3d sex comics 🙂 Remember – when you get downstairs to your basement, be careful: you never know what waits you there! So a young woman called a plumber to fix some tubes in her basement. After a couple of hours she went worried and decided to come down to see where he is. She didn’t notice the plumber, but there was something else there instead! A strange tentacle crawled out of the sewer and pinned her to the ground, ripping her panties off, penetrating her ruthlessly! Yeap, a very interesting 3d porn, as for me. Have a nice watch!
3d sex comics

Zombie town

Yeaaah! Zombies!!! They gonna eat your brains, gonna smash you skull and make a toy out of it! They gonna turn you into a zombie, too! And… They gonna FUCK everybody in the village! Lol 🙂 So now we’ve got a porn comics where a small village is captured by some alien, who turn people into zombies. This episode shows us a teen who escapes from an ugly monster willing to fuck her. Good thing an army man came across that village, ready to rescue innocent people. But before that… Well, you just guess what happens next, ok? Won’t spoil the watch, promise.
3d Zombie porn

The lost tower

It’s been a while since I’ve seen some magic 3d porn 🙂 Time to fix that – here’s a story about a fat woman who’s gonna get it from ugly horny imps. Their cocks are actually half a size of their bodies, man! Their sharp ears, bald skulls and red burning eyes… Wonderful xxx artwork! Nice gangbang performed by imps, in order to… Make her one of them? Umm… Think I’ve missed something… Tell ya what we’ll do: you go and watch this episode, and when the story is clear to you, you return and tell me what it’s all about, deal? Come on, don’t waste much time 🙂
hot 3d porn comics

Fucking in the bushes

Well, today I’ve got something fresh for you. Wanna make a journey to Venus? Or some sort of it, at least this planet is covered with dense jungle. And, as always, a lovely, well-attended body of a woman is trapped in the vines, which hold her tight. A very popular storyline showing plants that fuck girls with their vines. But not only them – two natives of that planet soon find poor girl and decide to give it to her, though she’s exhausted. This porn comix is not a highly detailed one, but looks very good. Giant lizard men covered with scale doing their prisoner, rubbing her skin off with their organs. Let’s watch!
3d Porn Comics