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Fuck or die

Talking about kinky alien sex. Hi again, I’ve been waiting for you with great impatience. Today’s post is all about alien 3d porn. It all happens in the laboratory, where a test species has broken out and began to threaten human’s life. The girls that were trapped there tried to escape, but the alien caught them and now they are up for some sex with that ugly creature – with his huge black dick torturing their tender pussies. A very interesting episode for the alien sex lovers. One must watch all the gallery if he wants and unforgettable excitement – I’ve checked it personally. Have a nice watch!
3d alien sex

Rise of the machines

Wow, something new around here! A terminator 3d porn! Can you believe it? A little girl trapped at some kind of a robot facility, fucked by a strange metallic dick… Why would they need that? Those robots? Who knows 🙂 Anyway, a very exciting story, well-drawn, with scary red-eyed robots and a strange fat woman… Maybe she’s that girl, only after it has been a while? Don’t know… All I know she’s gonna escape that prison and kill (or fuck;) ) as many robots as she can. Exclusive 3d porn pics just for you, guys! Thanks for staying here!
Exclusive 3d porn pics

Alien fuck

Well, we’re finally back to alien theme 🙂 And this time I mean ALIEN. Those from the movie. One of those ugly creatures kills all the space expedition and captures a defenseless woman. But instead of eating her he’s gonna… Wait for it… Wait for it… Yes, she wants to fuck her right in her tight hole! Woopie, he penetrates her with his monster tongue, rips her with a huge boner, drooling all over her face. Splendid porn comics, interesting view guaranteed. I wonder why Ripley was so cruel to those creatures… Maybe she didn’t notice they were such good fuckers? 😉
3d Alien fuck

Flash! Ahaaaaaa….

Remember that Flash guy, a comics star? Was very popular before… Don’t know, I kind of never read his series. But here I got an electric guy who definitely rules, ‘cause he gives his shot of a thousand volts to a nice lady. Can you imagine – he has just come out of her TV! I’d be rather scared if some electric dude crawls out of my box 🙂 Yeah, nice 3d fantasy porn, not a rude one – I’d give it a “PG-13” 😀 Lol, of course I’m kidding. But this scene is definitely a good one, though in my opinion it lacks some polygons. Anyway, that’s the style, so let’s watch or what?
3d fantasy porn