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The saint relic

Hahah, another xxx story I’ve got right here on my blog! Hey, folks, remember the stories about ancient relics and all that stuff? Then check this one out! Two mulattos search for some relic in an ancient temple and meet a mighty knight in shining armor. He tells them that what they seek is not an artifact – it’s something that belongs to a man, something that is very close to him… Get it? 🙂 Lol, I laughed so fucking much when that mulatto guy got his dick attacked by a fire lightning! All blame on that mysterious knight, folks 😉 Yeah, that mulatto chick with stretched boobs was rather surprised, too. Anyway – you are welcome to watch it.
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Flesh farms

Wha’d ya know! Never thought of women as of flesh farms… But actually it’s what this 3d sex series is all about. A girl gets captured by a robot who wants to use her for the production of so-called bioenergical batteries. Oh well, as always, the poor girl can’t resist the powerful cybernetic organism 🙂 So we’ll soon see many nasty things that will be done with her 😉 An interesting storyline of this 3d porn art is its best feature, IMHO. See for yourself – just click that damn picture already 🙂
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Sweet dreams

Look at that 3d porn. Who’s that? Well, it’s a woman. What is she doing? Ummmm… Nothing, you know. She’s just lying in bed, sleeping like a baby. But what’s that? Some sort of blue smoke appears form the window! It silently crawls to her bed and sneaks into her pussy and ass! That’s some kind of a spirit, who wants to rest a little inside a female body. Suddenly the girl wakes up! And look at her – she’s all wet! Wondering what has happened she walks around a spooky house. Something’s definitely wrong here… My recommendations – an unbelievable atmosphere and nice style, this xxx comics earns an “A”.
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Virgin princess

Once again we’re back to the old times when kings ruled the country and there was a place for a wonderful adventure! A lovely toon princess has just reached her adulthood and wants unleash her virginity. Her father has chosen her a prince, but our little girl is much more interested in women! So she invites a brave heroine, whom she heard about, and asks her to… Umm.. TEACH her sexually 😉 Something tells me that study will be the hottest one I’ve ever seen! Seriously, if the school teachers were that pretty and taught that good, I’d never graduate! But those are just dreams… Alright, all I have left is to watch this 3d porn with ya 🙂
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The first Kendra Blake episode

Hi, guys! I’ve just found the first episode of the Kendra Blake’s 3d porn series, and I’m gonna show it to you right now! 🙂 So settle yourself comfortable and watch how Kendra got into Freehope – the girls school, where every girl is sexually tortured and abused by all means. Her despair grows as she walks down the hall, watching the guards fucking poor tied girls. The poor things can’t even scream – their mouths are glued with sticky tape, all they can do is moan. Kendra quickly realizes that the same fate awaits her and grows even more despaired. Lovely series, nice pics and wonderful styling – all that coming from Epoch! Applaud, please 😉
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Another day at freehope

And another 3d porn from Epoch – a marvelous 3d artist, let’s all thank him for his work 🙂 Our Kendra wakes up in her room at Freehope, and she has a long day to pass… But first she must take a shower! Yes, she’s gonna wash her tender body in ugly, almost green and oily, but at least hot water. Naked toon girls is what Epoch does perfectly – you can naturally feel every flex of the gorgeous female bodies! And the textures add a perfect realism to the pictures, too. So enough talking – let’s al just admire another wonderful wok 😉
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The truth agent

Now I’ve got another series ‘bout that redhead, but this time we probably won’t see her. Instead we are in a cell where an intruder of some secret facility. He ain’t gonna speak, unless… Unless a gorgeous doctor with super big breasts lets him fuck her 3d titties! Oh, yeah, he’s tied but happy – she slides his dick through her boobs, sucks it hard and makes him cum in seconds! She takes all his hot jizz into her cute warm mouth. Now he’s gonna tell her everything, as the truth agent given to him begins to work…
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At the basement

Well, here’s another one. Wanna see giant 3d boobs in action? You are welcome! It’s Kendra again, and now she’s peeping at Mead having hard sex with one of the employees. Yeah, he’s giving it to her in her tight pussy and she totally likes it! She screams and begs for more, her titties jumping like hell! He slays her wet pussy, as she deserves it! Oh, Kendra is so aroused she can’t help masturbating right there, in the dirty hall. A marvelous series, honest – I’ve missed that detailed realistic style so much! Hope you’ll enjoy today’s comics.
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Look out! She’s got a dick!

Wow, looks like or Mermaid Rose has got into some trouble! Now she has a DICK! Don’t know who has done that to her, and what happened, neither does she. But she’s trapped and have to become a slave of a beautiful queen. The first duty of hers is to fuck her master and two bald girls – servants. Yeah, I actually couldn’t believe my eyes at first, I thought that was kind of she-male stuff. But nope – that’s our brave captain, with her wonderful 3d tits only with a dick between her legs… Well, if you think of it as of a strapon, it might not bother you 🙂 Anyway, a good sex comix, it’s worth watching. A pleasant watch for you, guys!
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Small tits are not a problem

A little straight one today, a common 3d porn episode, so that you guys can rest of those aliens and stuff, alright? 🙂 After a small talk a couple decides to get heir clothes off and have a little fun together. A very passionate fuck, the girl jumping on the man’s shaft, screaming and groaning. Her small titties even grow a little bigger as she gets more and more horny! But wait… What’s that sound from the window? Ah, never mind, don’t stop, babe! It’s just a COMMON 3d sex scene, remember? 😉 Or maybe… Just maybe… Maybe I lied, and something’s gonna happen? We’ll soon know!
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Virtual porn

Ok, let’s have some virtual porn now! See that woman over there? In a moment she’s gonna sneak into the virtual reality with the help of a powerful computer machine (which runs windows 98, ahahah, lol). So she appears to stand on the grass in some kind of a forest, wandering around, and finally discovers an ancient castle, where a naked prince shows himself. The best thing in virtual reality is that she can make him do WHATEVER she wants. Got it? She makes him lick her wet pussy and then nail her to the ground with his hose-dick. Oh, yeah, computers can realize your most incredible dreams! Hurry up and take a tour on this 3d sex comics, guys!
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Naked by the stream

Let’s rest of the alien theme and try something new. I’ve got a 3d porn series which is drawn in quite a different style. A highly detailed one, and realistic, too. The muscled bodies of the heroes are just like in any fantasy book you’ve ever read. Besides they are gleaming – a rather interesting effect, I should say. And the textures of the rocks pleased me, too. But, anyway, now we meet Bonan – a brave barbarian who was turn into a demon by some witch. As he roams in the forest, he comes across a stream where two beautiful ladies bathing in it. What do you think will happen next? We’ll see soon 🙂
3d porn series

Sex after breakfast

Who cares about school when you can just sit down and jack off, while your mother is having breakfast? A little boy thought that way, sitting on a couch, playing with himself. But suddenly his horny mother came in and got a hold of him. A fantastic 3d incest porn with a mother and a son 🙂 A rich room on the background gives this scene a lovely atmosphere. The boy surely gives it to his mother, as she never had that kind of treatment from her husband. I’ve searched for something like that very long ago, and finally got it. You GONNA look at these 🙂
3d incest porn with a mother and a son