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The matrix has you!

Ok, we’re back to the FUCKtrix 🙂 This 3d porn series shows two scenes from the same episode. The first one is about a girl who finds herself in the same room with a cute black chick, who later turns out to be her old friend. Illusions have darkened her mind, and now she’s not even sure this world’s all real… The second scene tells us of a naked boy that escapes from the drones at the Network core. They’re kind of seeking him with an ELECTRONIC DOG, man 🙂 Laughed there, too. Anyway, a good story told us there, and a nice styling, too.
3d comix sex

The saint relic

Hahah, another xxx story I’ve got right here on my blog! Hey, folks, remember the stories about ancient relics and all that stuff? Then check this one out! Two mulattos search for some relic in an ancient temple and meet a mighty knight in shining armor. He tells them that what they seek is not an artifact – it’s something that belongs to a man, something that is very close to him… Get it? 🙂 Lol, I laughed so fucking much when that mulatto guy got his dick attacked by a fire lightning! All blame on that mysterious knight, folks 😉 Yeah, that mulatto chick with stretched boobs was rather surprised, too. Anyway – you are welcome to watch it.
3d comix sex

Fairy tale

Forest fairies are wonderful creatures. Not only they fly around naked, but they also get you an unbelievable pleasure! Just like that little thing did in this 3d porn to the naked redhead with a gorgeous body. Despite her size the little pixie seduced the young girl and made her so horny she felt in a need of a huge dick right now! It was very exciting to watch how that redhead sucked the fairy’s leg like it was a real cock! This magic cartoon porn will blow your roof off, telling ya! Just throw away all your business and watch!
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Elfin story

I’ve been seeking for the sequel to Bonan’s adventures quite a long time. Now I’ve got it! So today our muscled barbarian is deep in the woods fucking a beautiful elf. The green grass, gorgeous trees and a couple copulating so hard you might see sparkles between them. The elfin princess sucks the hell out of our brave Bonan, and right after that he discovers not a very pleasant thing: his partner turns into a forest hag! Oh, well. A nice 3d porn cartoons and an adorable elf. In the beginning, that is… 🙂 Have a watch, and I’m off to find another good series.
3d sex story

Flash! Ahaaaaaa….

Remember that Flash guy, a comics star? Was very popular before… Don’t know, I kind of never read his series. But here I got an electric guy who definitely rules, ‘cause he gives his shot of a thousand volts to a nice lady. Can you imagine – he has just come out of her TV! I’d be rather scared if some electric dude crawls out of my box 🙂 Yeah, nice 3d fantasy porn, not a rude one – I’d give it a “PG-13” 😀 Lol, of course I’m kidding. But this scene is definitely a good one, though in my opinion it lacks some polygons. Anyway, that’s the style, so let’s watch or what?
3d fantasy porn