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Sail away

Now you know it’s kind of difficult to be a sailor? You can sail for months without having sex… Captain Mermaid Rose is lucky – she’s a woman, and has a numerous crew of men willing to slay her pussy. So she does it whenever she wants, making the deck slippery of cum. But one day her unbelievable orgy ends up in an unusual way… Quite a nice porn comics, showing redhead captain and a muscled sailor giving it to her from behind. Her beautiful body looks so fucking good – oh, I love it! A superb comics, and I think this girl is the best character I’ve recently seen. Have a look – you’ll love this one, promise!
A superb 3d porn comics

The lost tower

It’s been a while since I’ve seen some magic 3d porn 🙂 Time to fix that – here’s a story about a fat woman who’s gonna get it from ugly horny imps. Their cocks are actually half a size of their bodies, man! Their sharp ears, bald skulls and red burning eyes… Wonderful xxx artwork! Nice gangbang performed by imps, in order to… Make her one of them? Umm… Think I’ve missed something… Tell ya what we’ll do: you go and watch this episode, and when the story is clear to you, you return and tell me what it’s all about, deal? Come on, don’t waste much time 🙂
hot 3d porn comics

Alien experiments

Now for some alien 3d porn comics! This time a young girl wanders around in a big spaceship. Looks like a UFO has captured her! She enters a big room with strange equipment, computers and a table in the center of it. Something from outside forces her to lie on that table, and then ugly aliens appear, standing around her. Now they begin some kind of an experiment, having in mind to impregnate her! They insert a long hose into her vagina, which pumps her with lots of warm sticky alien semen… Interesting, eh? Well why keep waiting – see for yourself!
alien 3d porn comics