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Defending the weak

Oh, why does Kendra happen to be in some shit any time she walks past the warden or a guard? This time she sees Mead trying to fuck a little cuttie in the lockers room and hurries to rescue her. But she never thought she’s gonna be in her place! The mad guard throws her on the floor and rips her panties. Now he’s gonna nail her to the lockers and do her from behind with his giant hose as hard as he can, so that she wouldn’t dare to intrude into his business! As he finishes, he’s gonna grab her hands and fuck her mouth until his cum explode down her throat! Yeah, that’s the lesson for her – never screw up with Mead! (Liked that series VERY fucking much, choosing it my favorite for now 🙂 ).
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Enter the Fucktrix

A fresh turn in our today’s 3d porn program. Have a look at a comics where two charming fan girls watch their naked coach training in a gym. You bet one of them will get so horny she jumps on him and rides him like hell! Yeah, the second toon girl is too damn good to do such things. Rules and all that stuff… But wait! What’s that? Looks like the little fucker get fat and ugly! What on earth is going on ?! Her friend screams and tries to escape, but suddenly men in black suits appear in front of her. No one can escape “the Network”! Heh Have a nice watch.
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Boobies attack!

Once again I’m going to give you a brand new fantastic episode. This 3d porn comics shows us a fuck on board a spaceship (yes, space and all alien stuff are popular these days 😉 ). Well – a lovely woman wearing red leather dress fucks a boy with a hose-like dick. You know, what I like in 3d sex pics besides sex, is their storyline. Anyway, that’s not just porn – that’s comics, right? Yeah, and, by the way, this time the background suits me well. Some kind of a space module… Like in Quake or Doom or something… Heh, guys, have you ever played doom? I bet you did 😉 So it’ll be rather interesting to see what’s going on at that spacebase just before everything blew up. Watch!
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Arrgh! Woman on board!

The sequel to the last 3d sex pics ‘bout a little mermaid, who wished to turn into a woman to fuck all day long 🙂 As she plays with her brand new pussy, a pirate ship approaches the vessel and two privateers capture her. But you know what… She, SO hungry for sex, ooh yeah! She’s laying on the deck, fucked by three privateers, and there’s plenty of them waiting for their turn! A well thought-out storyline, a gorgeous body of a woman and a detailed background of a sea vessel – you’ll actually believe you’re onboard a pirate ship!
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Daddy’s girl

Girls, you’d better study good, or one day your daddy will punish you! Two sisters have to please their dad, as he is angry with their bad marks at school. He slams their asses and pussies, making them suck his hard cock, moaning with pleasure. Yeah, this 3d incest hearlly blows your head off! The detailing of the scene is lovely, background is almost photographic, and the bodies of actors makes me drool! And the lighting… Well, the authors of this 3d porn have really done a nice job on these pics. But enough talking, time is money 🙂 Have a look, guys.
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