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The saint relic

Hahah, another xxx story I’ve got right here on my blog! Hey, folks, remember the stories about ancient relics and all that stuff? Then check this one out! Two mulattos search for some relic in an ancient temple and meet a mighty knight in shining armor. He tells them that what they seek is not an artifact – it’s something that belongs to a man, something that is very close to him… Get it? 🙂 Lol, I laughed so fucking much when that mulatto guy got his dick attacked by a fire lightning! All blame on that mysterious knight, folks 😉 Yeah, that mulatto chick with stretched boobs was rather surprised, too. Anyway – you are welcome to watch it.
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Arcadian outpost

3d sex episodes are my hobby for a long time, already. And I won’t get tired of seeking for new episode and sharing them with you on my xxx cartoon blog 😉 So now I have a new series. It shows us a group of men wearing strange protective suits, who convoy a naked girls with huge boobs to a safe place. By the way, those suits reminded me of the Manhunt game – the director had security that wore almost same things, including those red gleaming goggles. Alright, now one of those men and the busty girl remain in the same room all alone. Guess what’s gonna happen next 😉
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Once again the locker-room

Well, Ahmed just hadn’t enough last time, so now he wants to fuck Chelsea hard. The only thing left for her is to agree, for he offers her extra 200 bucks a week! She screams and beggs him to do this quickly, ‘cause her boyfriend should arrive any minute, but Ahmed really doesn’t give a fuck. He squeezes her boobs and licks her wet pussy, inserts his fat hose into her and makes hear suffer, for his dick is just TOO big. I just love this series, Chelsea is that kind of girls I like! Don’t tell my girlfriend, okay? 🙂 Enjoy these big toon breasts and a tender body, fucked by a ruthless Arabian coach!
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